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Selected service standards:

Ageing test

At the customers request, we can subject our NAND-Flash-Products to an aging test. This enables us to provide sufficient information about the potential risks of the products.

Analysis tools

A number of analysis tools are used to carry out long-term tests of NAND memories, for example.


We not only offer a large range of storage media but based on our long years‘ experience also competent advice on the card that is most suitable for your needs. You can be sure to get the right memory for your business and needs.

Duplication of data

CDA produces a master image from the data made available and copies the same within the shortest time using own copy stations, on the storage media supported by us (eMMC, eUFS, eSSD BGA, eSIM, microcontroller, SD Card, USB Stick, SSD, NOR).

ESD protected area

Your storage products are manufactured in a dust-free ESD protected area as per IEC 61340-5-1.

In this way we make sure that the storage media are in no way damaged by electrostatic discharges.

Copy guard

Every NAND memory can get special protection during manufacturer already. By a so-called serialization the memory receives a file containing encrypted data serving as serial number. Since every NAND memory has its own serial number, it is possible to automatically personalize NAND memories.

Suitable NAND memory applications can read the serial number of the memory and compare it with the encrypted data on the NAND memory.

It can thus be determined whether it is an original NAND memory or a pirated copy. When it comes to the relevant security programs you can rely on our long years’ experience. We would be glad to give you help and advice concerning your individual requests.


As part of the in-house duplication process we can provide your storage media with suitable labels (e.g. printed labels of PET or paper, laser marking etc.).

Labels can be produced in-house and provided with a batch mark for traceability. The labels can be printed in up to four colours.

As a speciality we also offer labels on microSD cards.

Endurance test

At customer’s request the NAND memory products may undergo an endurance test.


Benefit from our real »All-In-One« service. With our logistics partners we ship the CDA products safely and in time to the place of destination.

Production using a fixed BOM

CDA uses a fixed BOM (bill of materials) for production.

If there is any change of the BOM for whatever reasons, the customers will be automatically notified in advance by a PCN (product change notification).

Temporary or permanent write protection

When flashing the NAND memory a temporary or permanent write protection can be applied. As part of our duplication process these two types of write protection can be created in a protected register. Unlike the permanent write protection the temporary write protection can be removed again if the content of a NAND memory changes, for example.


For all products we offer a broad range of packaging. The products are thus optimally protected against contamination and damage.

We would be pleased to help you find the perfect solution for your packaging.


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