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SecurStor-enabled SD & microSD cards

SecurStor is the answer to growing worries concerning data security in industry. It helps protect mission-critical applications against unauthorized access to data or systems. SecurStor comprises time-tested data-at-rest protection mechanisms and also provides application-specific safety functions that can be tailored to the profile of requirements of an application or system.

Key features

  • UniqueID: Hardware-based product identification, if need be by means of PUF technology (Physical Unclonable Function).
  • SecurBoot: Guarantees the integrity and validity of firmware images of storage device.
  • SecurUpdate: Guarantees the integrity and validity of all updates of firmware.
  • SecurOS: Guarantees the integrity and validity of the operating system or application illustration stored in the user data section.
  • SecurEncrypt: AES-256 encryption of the entire user data section.
  • SecurWipe: Fast, secure and permanent deletion of data.
  • SecurCopy: Effective protection against pirated copies.
  • SecurWrite: Puts the medium into a "Write-Once" mode.
  • SecurAccess: Provides a flexible and configurable read/write protection.


SecurStor enabled SD & microSD cards features
Product Line SecurStor Security Suite
UniqueID *Hardware based product identification, using physically unclonable function (PUF) technology where needed.
SecurBoot **Ensures the integrity and validity of the storage device’s firmware image.
SecurUpdate **Ensures the integrity and validity of any update to the firmware.
SecurAccess **Password-protected access to all or part(s) of the User Data area.
SecurOS **Ensures the integrity and validity of the operating system or application image stored in the User Data Area.
SecurCopy **Pairs the storage device with a specific type of customer device to prevent illegal copying.
SecurWrite **Puts the device into “Write-Once” mode.
SecurEncrypt *AES-256 encryption for the User Data area.
TCG Opal ***and other features defined for data storage devices by the Trusted Computing Group.
SecurWipe **Fast, safe and permanent removal of data by deleting the encryption key.
* Default ** Optional *** Not Available for this form factor

Additional Information

In our networked world, data often moves back and forth between different locations. As soon as the data leaves the storage medium, for example to be executed in a system or sent over a network, it is no longer protected by Data at Rest mechanisms, as these only apply to data within the storage medium.

CDA's SecurStor includes a variety of solutions that go beyond Data at Rest. These solutions can be optimized for specific customers or applications and help to protect against unauthorized access, prevent piracy or guarantee the integrity of data, operating system or firmware.



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