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Our CD manufacturing plant is worth seeing. Especially, if you care for added value.

Are you looking for a service partner who's able to produce your digital media fast and in high quality? Found one! With our CD manufacturing plant!

Innovative solutions, such as Braille

Make use of our innovative solutions, like the ones in the field of DVD mastering, HD print, Blu-ray discs, Holo discs and SD storage media, for your excellent entertainment products. Special features, like scratch protection, vision embossing or Braille writing are no problem for us.

We make sure you'll always be a step ahead of everybody else. We offer you the best possible long-term added value with our know-how. You'll gain a long-term benefit from the precise and safe processing of your data and artwork by our experienced staff and our fair cost structure.

Certified quality

As a modern CD manufacturing plant, we can provide you with everything you need to fulfil your requirements. That's proven by the quality management certificate we were awarded for our sophisticated products and production processes. However, the true added value for you surely consists in our innovative ideas and solutions around our products.

Always a step ahead

We add value by continuously developing individual solutions and by providing services tailored to our customers. Therefore, we're not only a manufacturer of CDs, but we're always ahead of our time. And so are our customers. Since 1996. See for yourself. Our manufacturing plant is worth seeing.


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