Project flow, using an SD card as an example


  • First project meeting
  • Requirements for the product determined
  • Preparation of quote and choice of optimal components including desired services (e.g., serialization, copy protection, labeling or special packaging)
  • Joint planning after procurement


  • Transfer of master data via FTP or Goldmaster
  • Creation of master SD card
  • Image and job creation on the copy station
  • Creation of clearance card
  • Customer approval through initial sample inspection report


  • Duplication of the data carrier
  • On request: serialization,copy protection, traceability across the entire supply chain and special configuration
  • Labeling with PET or paper labels
  • Line operation or custom packaging – e.g., blister, digipack, scanavo
  • Equipped with inserts, booklets, special printed material, etc. 


  • Warehouse with more than 9,000 storage positions
  • Fully automated and computer controlled
  • Online order tracking
  • Express / direct shipments
  • Global distribution

A section of our service standards:


We not only offer a wide range of storage media but also sound advice on which card is best suited to your needs.

ESD protection zone

Your flash memory products are produced in an ESD protection zone in accordance with IEC 61340-5-1.

This ensures that the storage media suffers no damage during production, for example through electrostatic discharges.

Ageing test

The SD card products can be subjected to an ageing test.

Lifespan test

Analysis tools

A number of analysis tools are deployed, for example, to carry out long-run testing with the SD cards.

Copy protection

Any SD card can be provided with special protection features as early as the production phase. By means of a process called serialisation, the card is allocated a file with encrypted data that serves as a serial number.

Since each SD card has a unique serial number, SD cards can be personalised automatically.

Suitable SD card applications can read the SD cards’ serial number and compare it with the encrypted data on the SD card.

In this way, it can be determined whether the SD card is an original or an illegal copy. We will be pleased to advice you when creating the corresponding security programmes.

Temporary or permanent write protection

Temporary or a permanent write protection can be set when writing (flashing) the SD cards. Our copiers can create these two types of write protection in a protected register. In contrast to permanent write protection, temporary write protection can removed by us at a later date, for example if the content of an SD card changes.

Production with a fixed BOM (bill of materials)

For production, CDA uses products with a fixed BOM (English: bill of materials).
If a BOM changes, the customers are notified through a PCN (Product Change Notification) beforehand.

Data duplication

CDA creates a master image from the data provided and, using its own copiers, copies it to the storage media supported by us (SD, SDHC, microSD, microSDHC) in no time.


On request, CDA customises flash storage media in all quantities. Flash memory cards can be packaged optionally. CDA offers a wide range of packaging made from plastic and individually printed cardboard for SD and microSD cards.

This guarantees maximum protection against dirt and damage. Mini jewel cases can also be labelled and combined with other packaging, such as blisters or Digipaks.

We can also deliver the cards on trays.



Upon request, CDA develops the finishing for all quantities of Flash storage media. Flash storage cards can optionally be wrapped. For SD and microSD cards, CDA has a large range of plastic and cardboard packaging in store which can be printed individually.

Thus, we guarantee optimum protection against dust and damage. Mini jewel cases can also be labelled and combined with other forms of packaging, such as blisters or digipacks.

Furthermore, we also offer shipment in trays.




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