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Premiere: CDA produces the world’s first 4K USB stick!


Now in ultra-high resolution: For one of our renowned customers CDA is producing true 4K – on the world’s only 4K USB stick! A complex coding and compression process has made possible the development of a 16 GB USB stick with approximately 13.5 GB 4K data.
Thanks to this breakthrough, not just upscaled, but true 4K content can be played via USB on compatible TV sets – for the first time. 4K resolution, de-noted as 3840 x 2160 pixels, has a pixel count four times higher than the current full HDTV resolution. Until now, prevailing BluRay players have not been able to implement native 4K (60p) resolution.
The 4K USB stick will be packed in a transparent DVD box from SCANAVO with a 22 mm spine width. The right side of the box includes a BluRay disk, the left side has a customized plastic tray for the 4K USB stick. The box will then be placed in an O-card case.
Want to know more about this innovation from CDA? Please contact our Sales Manager ImPressing Solutions, Joachim Isenburg:

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